Heydon Grange Golf & Country Club Members
Ladies Summer Foursomes Knock-Out 2019
1st Round Quarter-final Semi-final Final
By June 06 By July 28 By Sept 08 By Oct 13
J Oxford & Carol Miller W Osborne & S Slater W Osborne & S Slater J Black & E Knobel-Forbes
W Osborne & S Slater
S Bore & K Stevens

S Bore & K Stevens

C Pamby & M Robbins
  T Westerhuis & P Wiles J Black & E Knobel-Forbes
  J Black & E Knobel-Forbes
G Carse & M Handscombe G Carse & M Handscombe G Carse & M Handscombe
  P Higgins & M Symonds
  L Williams & G Rodham L Williams & G Rodham
  P Bonnett & A Peers
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Match Play competitions:  Matches shall be played over 18 holes and if at the end of 18 holes the match is all square it shall continue until a hole is won, handicap strokes being taken as over the first 18 holes.

Both teams in a match are responsible for arranging the match at a mutually convenient time within the period allowed for the round. No exceptions to play outside the round period are allowed without the prior permission of the Competitions Secretary.  Winners must ensure their names are recorded on the Draw Sheet before the closing date for each round.  In the event that the match is not played by the due date, the Competition Secretary shall determine the circumstances and have sole discretion as to the result which may include but not be limited to: (i) awarding the match to one pair, (ii) deciding by the toss of a coin or (iii) disqualifying both of the pairs.  Preference will go to the first team to offer their apponents three weekend dates.

Knock-outs are expected to be played at the weekend unless both players agree to play at another time.  Players who are unable to play within the set periods at the weekend are expected to forfeit the match if their opponent is not able to agree to playing at another time.